What we do

We are a client-focused entity that provides custom-made travel and leisure experiences to key geographical locations. Our carefully selected destinations are devised from first-hand knowledge from our trip curators, and coalesce around the reliable guidance of individuals who live, work in and are very familiar with all choices on offer. We guarantee you, our valued client(s) exhilaration, adventure, fun and memorable moments with every destination you enjoy with us.

CEO: Josephine Shields


Escapes from A to Z

Whether you are a solo traveler who is looking for some invaluable ‘me time’; a couple with a desire to explore whilst enjoying quality time together; a group of family members, high school or college friends and are desirous of some adrenaline-filled adventures or to reconnect and unwind from your busy schedules; or colleagues wishing to solidify your team spirit in a relaxed environment - we are equipped to offer you a timeless memory.

Your memories of what will subsequently become your favourite downhill or cross-country ski slope, theme park, pristine and unspoilt beach or eco-friendly resort, archaeological wonder, medieval and historical locales, picturesque towns and villages are only a click away...so...

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