Where to, traveller?

Explorations for your pleasure include:

  • Dings and Hummings

    Trinidad & Tobago unveiled

    Travel to the Southern Caribbean to enjoy the “Twin-Island” Republic’s Carnival celebration. Pan Yard, Buccoo Reef, Pigeon Point, and Gasparee Caves await.

  • Antillean hoppings

    Sample the diversity of the Eastern and Southern Caribbean

    Hop on a helicopter from historic Georgetown to visit the majestic Kaieteur Falls? Eastern and Southern Caribbean will unimaginably appeal to your senses.

  • Coffee trails and tales

    Blue Mountain hiking and trails, Jamaica

    The coffee grown on Jamaica’s Blue Mountains has won many global awards. Sip a coffee while surveying the panoramic views of this UNESCO heritage site.

  • Flem-spiration

    Tropical tranquility and beauty in North-East Jamaica

    Are you a James Bond fan? Bask in the lush and idyllic surroundings that inspired writer Ian Fleming, who wrote all 13 Bond novels at Golden Eye Resort.

  • St Best’s Rum-blings

    Rum and Nature tour, Jamaica’s South Coast

    Jamaica’s South Coast is home to fantastic attractions, one of which is the world-renowned rum produced on Appleton Estate in St. Elizabeth (aka St. Best).

  • Air’s Natural Mystique

    Visit Bob Marley’s native village, Jamaica’s North Coast

    Trod in the footsteps of the king of reggae, Bob Marley. Visit his childhood home and his resting place in the scenic hills of Nine Miles, St. Ann.

  • Tata’s glidings

    Reverie inspired by Nelson Mandela’s journey - South Africa

    This adventure retraces the footsteps of Nelson Mandela, beginning in his hometown of Eastern Cape, through buzzing Johannesburg and on to Soweto township.

  • Desert-to-sea & the Mist that Thunders

    Southern Africa’s historic and natural diversions

    This 16-day Orukutu adventure offers you an unequalled experience of the best that Namibia, Chobe (Botswana), and Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) have to offer.

  • Silky roads

    Indulge in Armenia’s beauty and history

    Take a carefully curated trip to amazing Armenia, a country as ancient as it is modern. Armenia’s fascinating sights and sounds will fill you with awe.

  • Under Tuscan influences

    Medieval Italian destinations

    Wander the medieval cities of Tuscany, enjoying la dolce vita, sipping on a Chianti in the vineyard, strolling the Uffizi Gallery, and sampling a gelato.

  • Hellenic highlights

    Greek Islands adventures

    Travel back in time to ancient Greece, birthplace of the Olympic Games, with its treasure trove of beautiful sites, full of historical significance.

  • Incan-descence

    Peru’s treasure trove of beauty and charm

    In charming and hospitable Peru, take in Miraflores in Lima, the dances at Dama Juana, the heights of Cusco, and the sacred site of Machu Picchu.

  • Iguazu-ed

    Brazil-Argentina waterfalls magic

    Iguazu Falls have to be seen to be believed. Visit from either the Brazilian or Argentinian side. The falls are accessible all year, but best seen in July.

  • Helvetic hues

    Switzerland’s majestic topography

    In Switzerland, indulge in the acclaimed Montreux Jazz Festival, a scenic train ride to Jungfraujoch, wine-tasting in Lavaux, and the majestic Rhine Falls.

  • Wander Down Under

    Australia at its best

    Australia has a vastness that extends beyond its landmass. Its beautiful coastline, varied flora and fauna and numerous vineyards are yours to enjoy.

Also available are the following options:

  • Maori magic

    New Zealand’s mysteries unveiled
  • Pacific partakings

    Hawaii as you like it
  • Adriatic spawnings

    Venice, Italy, and possibly Corfu, Greece
  • Aurora Viki-ales

    Iceland’s explorations
  • Siamese wonders

    Thailand’s treasures
  • Da Nang delights

    Viet Nam uncovered
  • Burmese treasures

    Myanmar’s delights
  • Andalusian rhythms

    Southern Spain’s vitality
  • Ottoman flairs

    Cappadocia, Turkey
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