Tropical tranquility and beauty in North-East Jamaica

Are you a top fan of our favourite action hero, James Bond? Even if you consider yourself to be among the few persons who aren’t thrilled by 007, we are very sure that you will enjoy the tranquil surroundings that inspired its writer - Ian Fleming - who wrote all 13 novels at this location. The Golden Eye Resort is the name of this place, and Lejore Discoveries would like to introduce you to enjoy this lush and idyllic property. While you can spend your entire time relaxing in the opulence of the Ian Fleming Villa with its amazing vistas, or one of the other signature villas, should you wish to venture off property to sample a bit more of what this part of beautiful Jamaica makes available to you, this is very easily arranged. A stay at this property allows you to enjoy the attractions of Ocho Rios which are only 20 minutes travel time from this location. Experiences such as a guided climb of the world-renowned Dunn’s River Falls; soaring above the forests on your way to a bobsled ride of thrilling ziplining at Mystic Mountains, or swimming with dolphins at Dolphin Cove and with great restaurants and beautiful craft items for your souvenirs and gifts. The tropical rainforest, waterfalls and beautiful beaches of Portland (such as the pristine Frenchman’s Cove) are also within easy reach from Golden Eye Resort. The world-famous Boston Jerk centre and rafting on the tranquil Rio Grande River as you savour the lush surroundings of the Valley are among the recommended stops as you explore beautiful Eastern Jamaica. The luxurious grounds of the Trident Hotel are also at your behest, should you wish to extend your stay in Portland. Just say the word and it will be done! Nothing is impossible nor complicated in the Home of Alright, as the Jamaicans call their beloved land.

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