Rum and Nature tour, Jamaica’s South Coast

Jamaica’s South Coast is home to a number of fantastic attractions and gastronomic delicacies. One that we highlight here is the world-renowned taste of the rums that are produced on the Appleton Estate in St Elizabeth (St Best, as the locals call it) for more than 265 years. Sipping on samples of Appleton’s signature blends as you learn about the process that leads to the creation of this uniquely flavoured rum is an unforgettable experience! Trust us when we tell you that you will be delighted to have opted for this tour.

Once you have decided on your favourite flavour of Appleton Rum, let us introduce you to a few more items on this list of nearby attractions. Hear the legend and admire the views that Lovers’ Leap offers you. Drive through Holland Bamboo (Bamboo Avenue) and pause to enjoy delicious jelly coconuts, or sample some pepper shrimps in Middle Quarters. Or head to YS Falls to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the waterfalls and the river, or use up some adrenaline as you zipline over the greenery and the water below. Enjoying a picnic in the park is also an option either in addition to zip lining or dipping in the many pools and the waterfalls.

After all that fun, you will head to the fantastic Jakes Hotel in Treasure Beach to relax in one of their custom rooms, cottages, villas or oceanfront bungalows..the choice is yours to make. Fun fact: during the 1970s, Alex Haley chose the Treasure Cot to finish his famed novel, “Roots: The Saga of an American Family”. You can stay there, when you stay at Jakes Hotel!

Jamaica’s South Coast is largely untouched, and a lot less crowded, so this destination allows you to savour the local flavours, relax and unwind in beautiful and peaceful surroundings.

Should you wish to be more active and explore further, the funky and fun Floyd’s Pelican Bar is at your behest for beers, cocktails to accompany your choice of lobster and other delicacies. Exploring the waters of Jamaica’s longest river, the Black River, where you can spot species of birds and aquatic animals and plants as you embark on your safari is yet another possibility in St Best.

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